Yes, Mama, you can find calm, peace and balance as you navigate the turbulent seas of your daily life. 

Tap into the *MAGIC*  that is buried deep within you and harness it to live as the best version of yourself. Every Single Day.

You deserve to commit to yourself, because when Mama shows up wise and in balance, THE WHOLE WORLD SHINES BRIGHTER.

“The results I’ve experienced from this simple series amaze me daily. I am so much calmer in all of my interactions. I treat myself with more kindness. I am nicer to the people I love. The world is hard right now, so I look forward to taking this time for me every day.”

Jen W.

Hey there Mama,

I’m Lisa. Mom of 3 (occasionally) awesome teenagers, lover of snacks for dinner, and retired carpool driver. I’m also a motherhood mentor, former teacher/current university instructor, and brain science nerd.

Kids are my passion.I love how kids take in and take on the world with the full throttle belief that they can do anything, be anything.

In 20+ years of working with over a thousand families, I’ve never met a mom who didn’t want the best for her kids. We always have the best of intentions, don’t we?

But somewhere along the way, we moms screw up. We certainly don’t mean to, but…we do anyway. We start projecting our inner representation of the world onto our kids. Then we lament to our partners, our friends, our kids’ teachers or coaches that something’s not quite right with our little peep(s). 

And that critical juncture is where I can help you, precious Mama. 

So, please do this for yourself. But let me speak the language you truly understand…

Do this for your children, Mama. They deserve the best version of you.

No more losing your patience with the people you love…

No more sleepless nights consumed with worry about things you can’t control…

No more putting other people’s needs before your own…

No more trying and failing with your self-care rituals…

No more wondering who you are or why you’re here…

Mama, I’ve got you. 

You completely and utterly deserve to GROW into the beautiful person you truly are, NURTURE yourself and your darling flock, (yes, now would be a good time to recall the flight attendant’s directions about the oxygen masks)

So you and your family can FLY.


The INNER DESTINATION Series: A scaffolded approach to integrating your energetic balance and your incredible inner wisdom.

Inner Destination is NOT another task on your “should do” list. It is a personalized five week experience, with a clearly focused design that builds momentum each week. Backed with the latest brain science to ensure maximum personal growth and discovery.

The INNER DESTINATION Series uses a modern combination of neuroscience and personal introspection to get you wondering, thinking and changing your mindset in your most empowered way.

First, you’ll learn why this program works. As a science nerd, I love to talk about the beauty of our brain and the magic of our mind. I’ll be wearing my teacher hat, and I’m betting you’ll learn something you didn’t know before.

Then, each week you’ll receive:

  • Detailed instruction via video that thoroughly takes you through the week’s technique and mantra including how to do it, why you’re doing it, and why it’s effective.
  • An audio download that guides you through your daily practice. Just find a quiet spot, press play, and you are good to go. 
  • Journal prompts curated to maximize your experience and integrate your newfound wisdom into your life.

Now, I know you are a busy lady, so let’s be clear on the time commitment. The video instructions to get you started each week are about 10 minutes, the daily audio practice is no more than 15 minutes, and you may spend 5-10 minutes journaling afterward. That’s it! Less than 25 minutes a day. 

You can do your daily practice first thing in the morning, between work appointments or Zoom calls, while your kids are napping, or as you’re getting nestled into bed each night. Whenever it works best for you is when it works best for you.

What other Mamas are saying

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure if meditation or mindfulness would work for me, but I was desperate to change. Between work, family and now COVID, I was beyond my normal levels of stress. The happy surprise was that the Inner Destination series did so much more for me than calm me down. I reached places inside me that I hadn’t thought about in years. I connected patterns within me that I never knew existed. This program has helped me not only show up more calm and relaxed, but also it reminds me every day of who I am and where I want to go.”

Beth M.

“I’ve tried so many times to meditate because I knew I should be doing it. Lisa’s Inner Destination program was so easy to follow and she makes the steps so simple. I never had to guess why I was doing something a certain way or what I was supposed to get out of it. Her teaching background helps explain it in a clear way. I am so happy to have found a way to make time for me that I can easily incorporate into my busy life.”

Suzy K.

Each week, you’ll learn more about yourself. 

You’ll be astounded at what comes up every day.

You’ll identify triggers.

You’ll explore your patterns of thought and behavior.

You’ll make meaningful changes in your life.

You’ll have a deeper appreciation for yourself and all that you have to offer your family and this world.

I’m truly so excited for you!